Vulvovaginal Infections - Cedars-Sinai - Nodes in the vagina

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There are lymph. On either side of the vagina are two small glands called Bartholin's glands. The groin contains lymph nodes, which are part of the lymphatic.

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By Kigacage - 18:43
Find out about vaginal cancer, where it starts and how common it is. Small glands in the cervix produce mucus to keep the vaginal lining moist. The vagina.
By Nikodal - 00:23
When a woman has swollen lymph nodes in the groin, it's most likely vaginal yeast infection, which is caused by an overgrowth of the fungi.
By Vikazahn - 15:44
A Bartholin's cyst is a fluid-filled swelling on one of the Bartholin's glands. The Bartholin's glands are on each side of the opening of the vagina.
By Goltigami - 05:35
Infections of the vagina and outer female genitals include conditions caused by her symptoms may include feeling unwell, swollen lymph nodes in the groin.
By Yozshujas - 21:01
The Bartholin's (BAHR-toe-linz) glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening. These glands secrete fluid that helps lubricate the.

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