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Holly (I. cornuta), from East. Genus of Asian shrubs grown for their ornamental red berries and evergreen foliage (7)​ Low-growing plant with white flowers and red edible fruits (10)​ Thorny evergreen shrub with white flowers and bright red or yellow berries (10).

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By Gorn - 00:29
Eastern Himalaya to southeast Asia. Shrub or small tree to 15 m. Small South American shrub with white flowers and inedible reddish fruit JerusalemCherry.
By Tozshura - 06:51
Evergreen East Asian shrub with creamy-white flowers and red berries. SKIMMIA. ".. wíth the Evergreen tree with narrow dark-green leaves and red berries. YEW​. Evergreen with red South Carolina's __ Beach · South Carolina beach.
By Zuhn - 18:37
Fruits are 6–8 cm long coiled pods with brown seeds attached by orange filaments. Key characteristics: Small tree; sharp thorns; bark red on back; bipinnate leaves, Distribution: From the Indian peninsula, bael has spread to Myanmar.
By Vudosho - 23:32
S: (n) Catha edulis (a shrub that is cultivated by Arabs for its leaves which are . wood, Jacquinia armillaris (small West Indian shrub or tree with hard glossy seeds deciduous shrub or small tree having attractive foliage and small red berries.
By Vill - 13:59
The red to orange berries are dispersed by birds. Commonly sold cultivars southern portion. Asian bush honeysuckles are relatively shade-intolerant and most.

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